One More Time Pop Singer Costume Women’s


One More Time Pop Singer Costume Women’s

CRAZY LUCKYWe’re not saying that you didn’t deserve your success. Obviously, the level of talent that you mustered up for all of your performances were stronger than anything we could have managed. Sometimes we wish that you were still on stage, though. In fact, most of us wish that you would have said that you were going to sing till the world ends. But, we understand that you’re not a slave for us, no matter how much we cry out, “Gimme more!” All that said, we definitely think it is time for you to break out one more time. Strike out in one of your infamous looks and show the whole world that you’ve still got what it takes to be a powerhouse vocalist, especially in this time of toxic so-called musicians. If it is the look that you’re worried about, we’re happy to help.DESIGN & DETAILSStart your career up again with a blast from the past look that is Made By Us: this One More Time Pop Singer costume. This look has everything you need to channel the hot pop songs that we all loved and still can’t go a day without at least humming in the office. The skirt is a sleek black that zips up the side. The shirt could have been a professional collared blouse but the tie style in the front gives you a fun midriff exposure. The knit sweater and pink hair ties finish off this famous look. Your famous look, now! IT SHOULD BE EASY!Our design team is fully committed to helping you look back at your illustrious career and proclaiming, “I did it again!” With this fantastic call-back look, it’s going to be simple to get you back in the limelight so you can go for another round as a pop idol! Hold on tight, world! 

Get ready to take the stage in our Women’s One More Time Pop Singer Costume. This combo features a grey sweater, white collared shirt , and a black pleated skirt.

SAS ID: 38286

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