Olympic Empress Women’s Costume


Olympic Empress Women’s Costume

Nah, QueenLet’s set the record straight. Goddesses are not basic queens. Yes, queens can be righteous, brutal, powerful. But they simply aren’t Goddesses. Queens might rule over armies and economies but only a goddess can control the weather and bring endless winter to the earth when someone really peeves her off. Goddess stories of terror, creation, and petty revenge are so good that we can’t even find any to tell in this description without getting into trouble with the boss. So if “Yaas, Queen” isn’t enough for you. If quivering in fear seems more like your style then this Women’s Olympic Empress costume is the one for you!Details & DesignYou’ll confidently rule the roost when you slip into this goddess costume. A slim white sheath is cinched with a golden belt and topped with a gold-edged one-shoulder neckline. The shoulder is accented with a printed medallion and a red swath of cloth drapes around your hip in a straight out of the ancient world way. Golden armbands wrap around the arms to top off this costume in just the right way!You’ve Got the PowerIt might take a little time to get used to all this power you’ve gained. After all, mortals used to go through perilous hurdles and odysseys to gain an Olympic status. Now, all you need to do is order this costume and the power will be yours! Now you might not be able to send a storm to follow that guy who cut you off in traffic, but finish off your look with a laurel leaf crown and a pair of gladiator sandals and you’ll feel like you have all the mortals at your beck and call. Just remember, you don’t just have the power of a throne, you’ve got the power of the heavens!

Dress to impress this Halloween in this Women’s Olympic Empress Costume! This exclusive costume will have you turning heads!

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