Northern Queen Women’s Costume


Northern Queen Women’s Costume

Matriarch with MoxieHere’s to the royals who change things up for good. No longer will we think of high towers and helpless maidens when we’re thinking of young lady royals. We should probably worry for white knights that are riding up to free a princess from the captivity of a fire breathing dragon. They are deeply misled. That dragon is under the princess’s care so you’d better not mess! In fact, let’s get honest. The young maiden doesn’t even consider herself a princess. She’s not waiting around for a king to crown her queen. She’s coming for the throne on her own. So make way, nothing can stop this rebellious royal now!Product DetailsThis lovely costume will make you eager to take over your very own kingdom. This costume features a gorgeous dress with hints of armor. The look is accented with strappy faux leather with a halter around the neck and a riveted fake belt with a hint of chain mail on the hip. The top has faux fur trim and a long cape that hangs on one side. The look can be finished off with tough tall boots and blond wig to make sure you’re instantly recognized as the powerhouse you are. Don’t Go Dragon Your FeetLovely leaders know how to make a swift decision. If you like this look go ahead and start planning! Pair this with a prop sword and a dragon shoulder sitter. And don’t forget to work on your inspirational speeches. Fairy tales have gone a long way so go ahead and embrace the royal way. Anyone who stands in your way should be ready for a whole lot of heat. With a tough yet gorgeous look like this, it won’t be long until you’re taking in the view from the throne! 

Break out your inner warrior with this Leg Avenue Women’s Northern Queen Costume.

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