North Pole Train Conductor Costume Adult


North Pole Train Conductor Costume Adult

THE MYSTERY IS SOLVEDFor decades, folks have claimed that Santa Claus couldn’t exist because nobody would be able to deliver all of those gifts in a single night. We always felt that the complaint was a little silly. We’re talking about a guy with flying reindeer and the ability to wink and wriggle his nose to teleport down chimneys. And, if that isn’t enough magic for someone, we’d like to note that he lives on a diet of nothing but cookies and still manages to be thriving after nearly 1,800 years!Seriously. Sign us up! But, as much as we wanted to just shrug it off to magic, we actually have discovered that there is, in fact, a trick behind Santa’s ability to deliver so many presents… and while it isn’t overnight shipping with the leading package delivery organization, that’s not too far from the truth! He’s got a whole magical railway system and a mysteriously silent North Pole Express working to get everything set up… and it looks like they are hiring! DESIGN & DETAILSThey say that you need to dress for the job you want and, trust us, you want this job! Start off on the right foot with this North Pole Train Conductor costume. This look was put together by our in-house design team as part of our Made by Us costume line. It is a complete ensemble including a blue jacket, vest front, and matching pants that make up the uniform. Once you wear the blue tie and the hat with the ‘Conductor’ title, you’re good to go! MAGICAL BENEFITSWho knew that the train would end up being the ultimate of transportation? Well, when you’re geared up in this Conductor costume, you’ll not only look pretty majestic, but you’ll be ready to tackle a whole world of travel… and we’re pretty sure that cookies no longer have calories, too! 

All aboard! In our North Pole Train Conductor Adult Costume, you’ll be conducting the business. This blue suit come’s complete with hat and gold “North Pole Conductor” text.

SAS ID: 38286

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