Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Mask


Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Mask

The Trick-or-Treat AnticipationThere’s a magic to being a trick-or-treater. Remember what it felt like? You’d get home from school and run to your room for a costume change from your school day look. Or maybe you’d put on the finishing touches that you weren’t allowed to wear at school. You’d throw on the mask that you considered the coup de grace. You’d add the vampire fangs and all the fake blood that you’ve been dreaming about all day. The excitement and the mischevious air is perfectly encapsulated when we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas by the town’s trick-or-treater trio, Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Product DetailsLock is the frontrunner of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen or trick-or-treaters. He is dressed in this devilish mask that looks like it’s straight out of Tim Burton’s vision. Just snap this mask on to make yourself into one of the three trick-or-treaters of Halloween Town. Want to finish your outfit? Check out our devil outfits to get the look from the movie!A Creepy Three of a KindSo, if you’re part of a friend group that would happily kidnap holly, jolly Santa Claus if they had a chance then Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a great choice for your Halloween revelry! Whether your trick-or-treating days are long over or you’re recruiting a couple youngins to the Nightmare Before Christmas legacy, this mask will be instantly recognized by devoted Tim Burton fans. And while we would suggest staying away from poor ol’ Clause, the mischief you get up to in this mask is up to you!

Get your scare on in the Nightmare Before Christmas Adult Lock Mask!

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