Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Sally Infant Costume


Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Sally Infant Costume

Where Did She Go?Sally and your little bundle of joy have more in common than you’d probably think. The elusive red-haired ragdoll has a knack for slipping out of sight. As soon as Dr. Finkelstein leaves the room, she’s finagling a way to make a great escape by detaching a limb or two. Babies are known to do this too, well kind of. They can’t simply sever their appendages like Sally can but you can’t deny they’re natural escape artists too. They can crawl from their mat to the kitchen and then to the playpen in a blink of an eye!If your baby is so great at disappearing that you’re left scratching your head then this is the perfect costume for her. The infant Sally costume is a very fitting way to celebrate the first of many Halloweens.Product DetailsThis is a great costume for babies because it’s bright, colorful, and photographs beautiful. The attached sparkly black tulle creates a full silhouette which looks adorable on crawling kids. The short puffy sleeves create the classic appearance of a fancy dress but make no mistake, this dress is comfortable and makes diaper changes convenient. A bow headband is included and matches the iconic patchwork dress. Even if your baby is bald, this headband completes the look and adds a girly touch.This Halloween Won’t Be A NightmareOne of the best parts of this costume is the opportunity it creates for your entire family. Now your whole clan can transform into their favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character. Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, the Mayor, the possibilities are (almost) endless. Dress up the family dog as Zero so everyone can be in on the spooky fun. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the whole Halloween Town gang!          

Give your little tyke a classic look this Halloween when you put them in this Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Sally Infant Costume.

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