Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Adult


Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Adult

PUT ON YOUR DISGUISEYou’ve heard of that Superdude who came from the planet Krouton or something, right? He’s amazing. Full of crazy super powers and constantly using them to save the day—not just the whole world from awful doom, but even the little guy who’s just having things real rough lately. Well, the point is that unlike most superheroes, this guy doesn’t put on a costume to become the hero; he puts one on to become a normal guy.You’re thinking, ‘Wait, did I load up a Superhero costume?’ because you’re looking at Ignácio, a totally normal guy from Nacho Libre. But, that’s the point! Deep down, Ignácio is truly the hero who uses his mighty(?) powers to reveal his true identity, Nacho, and work to keep the orphanage up and running. He truly is Nacho. That leisure-wear that he runs around in otherwise? That’s the real disguise!  DESIGN & DETAILSSneak your way through a mundane life with our officially licensed Ignácio Leisure costume from Nacho Libre. This look includes a pair of off-white pants with an elastic waist and a straight cut. You might gasp in concern about white pants after Labor Day, but that’s just shoes. (But, we recommend the white shoes, too. We’re talking about a hero! Some rules need to be ignored.) Anyway, the combination shirt will draw all the attention. It has a white turtleneck inset in a blue jersey shirt with ribbed sleeves and a hemline that makes the shirt, itself, disguised as a sweater! All this glory comes from our in-house design team that specializes in superhero costumes and their blend-in-with-the-crowd daily wear! THE TRUE IDENTITYDid you know the secret of Nacho goes even deeper? The whole tale is based on the true life of Rev. Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez who became Friar Storm to save his orphanage! Live out this life of mystery heroics with this seemingly simple disguise!

Get comfortable in our Adult Nacho Libre Leisure Costume. This set features a powder blue v-neck sweater and ivory pants.

SAS ID: 38286

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