Mystic Vixen Gypsy Costume


Mystic Vixen Gypsy Costume

Do you ever feel a strange sensation stir within you when you hear the beat of the tambourine? Have you ever woke with the scent of wood smoke on your clothes and had a strange flashback to an old wooden caravan that seemed, somehow, like home? Have you ever been inclined to take a closer look at the tea leaves at the bottom of your mug, as if they could hold the key to your fortune? Or, maybe none of these things have happened to you. Perhaps you just know this sultry red dress with it’s off-the-shoulder fringed shawl would look great on you, and that’s totally valid. That being said, we have a premonition for you: it’ll be hard to resist full transformation once you don the guise of the Mystic Vixen. The Mystic Vixen thinks on her feet and lives for the moment, after all, tomorrow she could be far away, living a whole new adventure. Her hobbies include casting for runes and shocking the townspeople with her free spirited ways. She has a soft spot for church tower recluses and dancing goats. Her arrival conjures up visions of impromptu dancing in town squares, sad violin music along cobblestone streets, and of course a small, candlelit room with a crystal ball glowing on a center table. Becoming the vixen is a special feeling. Try on this ensemble and you might find you have the authority to peer into a stranger’s palm and tell them what their future may hold. Most importantly, you will feel empowered to follow your heart and dance to the beat of your very own tambourine. Full disclosure: the ability to see into the future is not included with the purchase of this costume.

Don’t stay in one place, get on the caravan with this Mystic Vixen Gypsy Costume! You’ll have a tantalizing look.

SAS ID: 38286

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