Monstrous Mummy Costume Kids


Monstrous Mummy Costume Kids

VIP PassesGoing to the Natural History Museum can be cool. There’s so much to see! You and your kiddo could spend hours examining the huge skeleton of a blue whale and delving into the world of fossils and ancient plants. Actually, now that we think about it, the only thing wrong with going to the museum is that you always have to leave too early. Next time you’re heading out to the museum, go with a game plan. You can dress up as a dinosaur and your child can dress up as a mummy and when they announce that the museum will be closing in five minutes, all you guys have to do is freeze in place. Sure, it might seem like a risk but won’t the joy of having the Egyptian exhibit to yourselves be totally worth it? In the meantime, might as well order this mummy costume for trick-or-treating this Halloween so your kid can practice freezing for the main event. Details & DesignNo more fiddling with toilet paper or Ace bandages. Not when we’ve employed our in-house creative team to design this playful and comfortable mummy jumpsuit! The lightweight material is printed with illustrated bandage lines. Attached strips make your child seem like they’re coming unraveled with also allowing them to move with ease. Spiders scattered throughout add an eerie touch to the costume while the pointed hood will frame your child’s ghoulish smile perfectly for your Halloween snapshots. Pyramid SchemeThink your child is ready to take on the role of mummy? It should be a good time. Even if you don’t plan on raiding the Natural History Museum, this costume is worth having around. A tricky parent could even get their kid pumped for Halloween by reading everything the library has on Egyptian history. Huh, who knew a spooky Halloween costume could lead to scoring an A on a history project? 

Rise from your sarcophagus and terrorize the neighborhood with this Kids Monstrous Mummy Costume. This classic monster costume gives the appearance of being wrapped from head to foot in bandages.

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