Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume


Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume

Fad BodGosh, the 80s were good to us…just look at this costume! You can’t make this stuff up. The 80s were a hotbed of hot colors and wild patterns, geometric shapes and neon glory. But back then, we thought we looked cool. Right? So that begs the question: In 20-30 years, what we will think about the style trends we’re rocking right now? Can “leggings as pants” survive the test of time? Will the whole cut-out shoulder look be memorialized in a costume someday? And what about jumpsuits? How will they hold up as the years tick on?Well, we don’t have our crystal ball technology sorted yet (but we’re getting close! Check in around the new year), so we’ll focus on what we know: the 80s. If you, too, loved the style of this epic era and you want to relive the days of pumping sweet iron at the gym while you wiped the sweat from your even sweeter ‘stache then hey, this Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume is, like, totally for you, dude!Design & DetailsOur design team really did a totally tubular job with this one! It’s a complete look (but you’ll have to grow your own mustache). You get the geo-print, multicolor top and the teal tank to go over it, as well as hot pink, retro-inspired shorts and a yellow fanny pack (duh! where else you gonna stash your Gameboy or gigantic cell phone?). But that’s not all, hotshot. We’re also supplying you with a neon green headband and pink wrist warmers to keep you cool after your toughest sets. Schweet SweatSo, go on, champ—work it out! You look amazing in a way only the 80s can accomplish. How do you feel? Sick? Tight? Illin’? We think this costume is totally happenin’. But duh, we made it! Don’t take our word for it; head out on Halloween and see how wicked your night turns out to be!  

Embrace the fashion of the eighties in all its bright color glory when you wear this exclusive Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume.

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