Men’s Skeleton King Costume


Men’s Skeleton King Costume

Dead On ArrivalSome kings rule with an iron fist. Others might rule with a velvet glove. This king, however, rules by the sword and only the sword. Luckily for all living, breathing beings he doesn’t wake and rule very often. It’s only every once in a while when the moon in full, the night is still, and the stars align just so. Then the skeleton king walks again, visiting the villages, towns, and cities of the kingdom in which he once reigned. He stops at houses indiscriminately, blowing doors of huts and manors down before walking inside and taking anyone inside back to the underworld with him. After all, if he wants to remain the skeleton king, he’s gotta have subjects!Product DetailsThis undead king looks brutal and eerie with a fitted black shirt that has aged looking bones printed on the arms and body. It’s armored with macabre detailed metallic shoulder pads and a neck piece. It has faux leather gauntlets and details to make you look ready for a fight. The look is topped with a showstopping headpiece that features a black crown with a half skull mask attached. A chainmail-textured hood makes the look really hit home. Cool in the CryptsAre you looking for a costume that’s sure to stand out no matter where you’re haunting? This costume is a great way to go. Pose with a sword prop in front of an ancient looking stone wall. With a horrifying yet royal look, you’ll be ready to rule in an instant. Don’t want to rule alone? You can pair up with another royal with our selection of skull masks because every king needs subjects. With lovely skulls and loads of eerie costumes, you’re sure to find the perfect courtiers for your entourage!

Be the ruler of the dead with this Men’s Skeleton King Costume. This dark costume features a skull mask and crown combination, cape, skeletal tunic, gloves, boot covers, and more.

SAS ID: 38286

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