Mens Sexy Priest Costume


Mens Sexy Priest Costume

QUELL THE DEMONSStories say that the demoness has stalked the countryside for several seasons, now. Her shapeshifting powers have made her impossible to identify, not that anyone would have a chance to cleanse her spirit even if they were fortunate enough to spot the temptress. In the meantime, many have fallen to her seemingly corruptive influence. What is the world to do? How can anyone stand up to the powers of a succubus!? Well, there’s only one way to banish a demon… an exorcism! But, the clever succubi cannot be tricked into confronting a priest ready with a bunch of holy water and a banishing tome at his side. You have to lure her in by appealing to her own sense of seduction. That might mean stretching the permissions of the church a little further than you initially expected. Perhaps a lower cut on your clerical vestments. But, beware that you don’t succumb to the very seduction you seek to employ. The world couldn’t handle the result of that!PRODUCT DETAILSSet yourself against the world of darkness and be ready to exorcise the demons! In order to complete your mission, you’re going to need this Sexy Priest costume. This look isn’t quite what the congregation is used to. It includes a deep V-neck vest that buttons up and reveals your chest and arms. The conventional priest collar is updated in sexy style by becoming a choker that just might give your succubus the image of a bow-tie dancer! With your white and gold stole, your priestly garments are complete and you can head out on your mission. A DEMON AND A PRIEST…It might sound like the beginning of a joke about walking into a bar, but we think that you’re going to love playing out the exorcism of a lifetime in this Sexy Priest costume. All you need is to find your Demon to become a costumed pair! 

The confessional booth with have a line out the door to see you in this Men’s Sexy Priest Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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