Men’s Plus Size Midnight Vampire Costume


Men’s Plus Size Midnight Vampire Costume

Do you have trouble sleeping at night, instead preferring to be up and about, wandering amongst the shadows? Does the sight of the sun fill you an inexplicable dread and revulsion? Are you attracted to bats in a way that feels almost…symbolic? If you answered yes to most of all of these questions, then breathe easy, friend – have we got the get-up for you!As a creature of the night, we know that it sometimes can be hard to find just the right wardrobe to reflect your particular tastes and preferences. You’ve been in this game for a long time (probably even a handful of centuries!), and so you know how important it is to find a style that serves as your personal calling card, instead of just following along with the fads and trends of the day (can you imagine what your zombie friends would say if you showed up in bell bottoms?).That’s why this Men’s Plus Size Midnight Vampire Costume is perfect for you…it’s suave, aristocratic-looking, and it says, “Hey, you know you probably shouldn’t trust me, but you’re probably going to anyway, because look how good I look”! Consisting of satin, brocade, velvet, and taffeta, it reflects the kind of tastes that you’ve been able to refine over the hundreds of years that you’ve been undead. The brocade vest has has a dapper velvet shawl and debonair functional silver-tone metal filigree buttons, as well as self-fabric ties for fit adjustment (after all, who doesn’t wanna loosen their brocade vest after a big (blood) meal, right?). The satin cape has a high foam collar, which means that at least your neck will be protected, even when you’re lunging for the neck of others.There’s even a bat-shaped metal pin set with a heart-shaped gem, which helpfully tells people, “Hey, the bat is my spirit animal, in case you didn’t know” without you even having to say a word! Just add some black pants and you’re ready to start suckin’ (some blood, that is. Not you as a person making life choices to transform other people into undead creatures and whatever)!

Vampires rule the night, and you can rule the vampires in this Men’s Plus Size Midnight Vampire Costume! Available in 2X/3X.

SAS ID: 38286

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