Mens Killer Clown Costume


Mens Killer Clown Costume

Once upon a time, there was a colorful and delightful clown. The clown delighted in telling jokes, tripping over his own massive feet for a good laugh, making balloon animals, and practicing any number of amazing parlor tricks. He traveled with a circus for a while, picking up some excellent fashion tips, and, naturally, did a few kids’ birthday parties on the side in order to make a few extra bucks… which, of course, he donated to the local children’s hospital. His heart stirred with the desire to bring joy to every living being…But, not all people are as kind as this generous clown. Some people hate clowns. And, so, it came to one performance where the kindly clown was making one of the most intricate balloon creatures ever before seen—a true masterpiece… a virtually animated, child-sized bunny—when the tragedy occurred. A spectator jeered and threw a rock at the poor clown. Striking the poor clown harsh on the skull, the whole crowd heard the crack… and they laughed. Well, a serious head injury is one thing, but the emotional crippling of cruel laughter gives birth to a true monster.And that is your story, my friend. How you were born into this world of horror and murder as the Killer Clown. Wear your white and black, half polka dot, half striped polyester satin jumpsuit and show your deserving victims your horrific and injured face, a wide black and insidious smile and the bleeding red scar on your skull, all framed by the a black ruffle at your neck. Gone are your days of brilliant color and happy smiles. Now are the nights of screams! (Hopefully your weapon of choice will only be terrible puns, though.)

This circus performer doesn’t want to make you laugh, he has something more sinister in store for you. Scare your friends in this Men’s Killer Clown Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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