Men’s Greedy Gangster Costume


Men’s Greedy Gangster Costume

A serious MobsterAh, so running a small-time mob ain’t quite enough for you? You’ve got your sights set on running a crime syndicate that controls the entire coast? Whew, buddy. Those are some lofty expectations. But, we got your back! We think a serious mobster like yourself probably has the mettle to make it the top, provided you take some important steps. One of the first, and foremost, is going to be dressing for the part. If you’re going to be the richest crime boss to be found, you better have the look to match. And we have it ready for ya, with this Mens’ Greedy Gangster Costume!Design & DetailsWe made and designed this costume right here in our own costume studios because gangster costumes are one of our favorite themes. And our customers seem to agree because they’re always a top seller! This costume ensemble comes with a jacket, pants, scarf, and tie. The jacket and pants are styled just like a suit, in slick white with pinstripes and black accents. The pants match, and you can wear your own dress shirt with the elastic band tie. Wrap the scarf around your neck, and you’ll be ready to roll. Of course, you might want to pick up some accessories like the ones we have it pictured, as those pieces are sold separately.Relive the gangster eraWe do want to be perfectly clear that we never, ever encourage our customers to go on a crime spree. But, with a little bit of Halloween magic and a bit of imagination, you can transport yourself back to the American gangster era of the 20s and 30s. It’s costume fun, after all, where the guns are plastic but the hooch is real! 

Head out on the town in this Men’s Greedy Gangster Costume and stir up some fun. Get into character as a tough mobster thug looking for a good time.

SAS ID: 38286

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