Men’s Cop Costume


Men’s Cop Costume

THE REAL BLUE BROTHERSThere’s something about a uniform that just changes everything.  People around us tend to react differently and, whether that’s the cause of it or something about sliding into the outfit ourselves that does it, we change right along with it.  The authority and confidence of knowing that you just belong where you’re standing gives you the air that nobody else can argue with!  If only there were a way to channel this power more directly… Of course, before we can offer up anything like that, there are a few things that we need to go over.  First:  the fact that you’re wearing the uniform does not immediately actually grant you the authority that you feel.  Becoming a police officer is a pretty long process, so don’t go running up to real bank robbers and command them to halt in the name of the law.  Now, running up to fake bank robbers could be quite a night! DESIGN & DETAILSStart the great game of cops versus robbers with this Men’s Cop Costume.  This exclusive look includes nearly everything that you’ll need for your time in law enforcement.  Begin with the poplin shirt and pants.  The shirt buttons up the front and has the police patch embroidered in plain view.  Two gusseted breast pockets keep you looking primed while the elastic waistband of the pants protect you from embarrassment.  Your faux leather belt, legit necktie, and wired hat make for the perfect accessories to complete your look.  Consider a sidearm or be the rare cop who plans to talk everyone down! ONE HECK OF A COUPLE’S COSTUMEWhen you’re geared up to protect and serve in this Men’s Cop Costume, all you’ll really need is the other side of law enforcement to help your night get really exciting.  Hook up a friend with a bank robber or prisoner costume and you’ll have a real-life Law & Order episode in no time! 

Be transformed in to an officer of the law in this exclusive Men’s Cop Costume. This costume features a navy blue officer uniform with belt, badge and hat.

SAS ID: 38286

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