Men’s Braggart Farmer Costume


Men’s Braggart Farmer Costume

Bigger Means Better, Right?We’ve seen our share of farming competitions! After all, we hail from Minnesota, which is filled with lakes and farmland. We know that the key to winning a chicken competition is quite simple… you need to go big. You need to have the biggest rooster of them all. You’re going to need to spend months nurturing your bird, giving it the love and attention that it needs to grow to a healthy size! That’s the only way you can ever hope to win the Biggest Cock medal at the State Fair.Wait. What? Why are you laughing? Raising a really big rooster is no laughing matter! It’s serious business if you want to have the biggest… oh, we get it. And here we thought this was just a proud farmer costume…Product DetailsOkay, so maybe we sort of thought this was just simple Braggart Farmer Costume. It turns out, there’s an adult theme to this costume! It looks likes a normal farmer costume, since the shirt is a common-looking plaid shirt and the overalls look like something that your common farmer would wear, but the real joke is in the ribbon and inflatable rooster! The rooster inflates quite easily and ribbon reads “State Fair Biggest Cock” on it. Of course, that has a double meaning, so you can pin it on your chest and tell everyone about your… uh… very big bird. Finally, the costume is topped off with a straw hat to complete the look.Farm RaisedYou can head to the party and brag about your famously big bird when you wear this cheeky costume! Just don’t wear it around grandma. You don’t want to have to explain to her all about the double meaning of the medal… trust us on that one.

Tend the chicken coup in the Men’s Braggart Farmer Costume.

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