Mens Black Wrestling Boots


Mens Black Wrestling Boots

Never ForgetImagine this. The lights are flashing down from the ceiling. Your intro music starts playing and the crowd starts going wild, cheering and throwing their hands into the air. Some of them are even holding some handmade signs. You strut your stuff down the walkway towards the ring and the fans start calling out your name. Then, you begin to climb into the ring… but something terrible happens!Your foot slips as you place your foot onto the ring. You tumble to the ground and your opponent starts laughing at you as your fans look on in stunned silence. You see, you forgot to wear your wrestling boots and your socks don’t offer any traction while climbing into the ring! That’s why you ALWAYS wear your wrestling boots when stepping into the ring.Product DetailsBased on the style of professional wrestlers, these Black Wrestling Boots offer you a look that’s both daring and functional! The tall boots have a glossy black finish on the exterior that looks great with most wrestling outfits. It also features a lace-up front for fitting. Just pair them with your wrestling costume to create a ring-ready look that the fans will love!Boots Are BetterDon’t forget your wrestling boots! After all, you don’t want to step into the ring in bare feet… or worst yet, nothing but socks!

Complete your WWE costume with the Men’s Black Wrestling Boots. Maybe you can perform like your favorite WWE superstar!

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