Mean Girls Christmas Costume


Mean Girls Christmas Costume

Being a member of the Plastics, a gang of the most popular girls in school, just isn’t enough for Regina George and her posse of fellow mean girls. They need to put on the most fetch performance for the winter talent show. Every year the whole school looks forward to seeing the Plastics dance to “Jingle Bell Rock” in their risque Santa outfits because well, the reasons are obvious. Plus, hottie Aaron Samuels is sitting in the audience and it’s important to impress him since he’s Regina’s highly sought-after man-candy. Of course, you have some obstacles to overcome, like the fact that Gretchen Weiners can no longer be on Regina’s left and Cady’s homeschool past leaves her clueless about the lyrics to the holiday tune. But nothing can stop the clique from debuting their spectacular Christmas time performance, not even Gretchen kicking the boom box at Jason’s noggin! Grab your group of gorgeous gal pals and put on a sassy performance of your favorite holiday song while wearing this officially licensed Mean Girls costume. You’ll look exactly like one of the Plastics in this red spaghetti strap dress with faux fur trim. The black sash and matching long black gloves add a subtle hint of Mean Girls style that will set you a part from your fellow classmates. Just don’t forget to wear your high heeled boots but make sure you leave the Burn Book at home for obvious reasons. We have a feeling that your performance will be the talk of the school and not even Damian’s cover of “Beautiful” can steal the spotlight away from you and your fellow Plastics.

This Mean Girls Christmas Costume is an officially licensed exclusive costume from this popular movie starring Lindsay Lohan.

SAS ID: 38286

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