Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet


Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet

Who wouldn’t want to be Master Chief? Doesn’t being a biochemically and cybernetically enhanced super-soldier sound awesome? All you have to do is constantly dodge space explosions, single-handedly defeat armies of massive, terrifying aliens and operate every kind of flying, driving or hovering contraption in the galaxy. Piece of cake! Of course, there are some major differences between our world and The Chief’s. Unless you grew your little tike in a military incubator somewhere, we’ll just assume that they already have the required skill set to be Earth’s last line of defense. Suit up with this Master Chief Light Up kids helmet and give the Covenant a force to reckoned with. The helmet features outer light accents and the famous dark-bronze, tinted visor that has seen countless Halo campaign ventures.

Let your child experience what it’s like to be a real SPARTAN in this licensed Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet.

SAS ID: 38286

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