Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Deluxe Child Costume


Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Deluxe Child Costume

Inheriting the Spiderverse Folks have known the name Peter Parker for decades and, eventually, even the city he lives in may discover that he is the Spider-Man that they have been cheering (or judging) for years. But, he’s not the only Spider out there that’s working to keep the whole place safe and secure. (And, we’re not even including regular spiders in that claim.) The Spiderverse is a vast web, connecting folks from all different universes and a few ready to catch the passed on torch!Such is the case of Miles Morales. Now, the stories are quite a bit different depending on which tale you want to hear. Sometimes, Peter hands the reigns over to Miles directly. Other times… well, let’s just say that playing with the barriers between the universes is a really dangerous thing! Fortunately, Miles is ready to accept the powers of the Spider and use them to keep reality as we know it stable! Of course, he could certainly use some help. Got anyone in mind!? Product DetailsIt’s time to bestow your tyke with the very same powers that have been saving our comic worlds for years. Of course, usually, they get their powers before the costume… but who says it has to be that way? Hand this Deluxe Miles Morales costume to your kiddo and watch that Spiderverse grow. This padded jumpsuit fits easy with hook and loop fasteners in the back and is printed to look just like the black and red Spider-Man suit that Miles wears. Its soft-sculpted design gives the costume the musculature that comes from Spidey’s augmented strength and the fabric hood completes the look! Officially licensed, this costume is a perfect way to enter the Spiderverse!With Great Responsibility…We all know that great power comes with great responsibility. But, it’s also true that wearing the look of Spider-Man is a responsibility all its own. And, we can say from experience, great responsibility makes a kiddo feel pretty powerful, too!

Lead the charge to save the multiverse with the Spider-Man Miles Morales Deluxe Child Costume. Transform from mild mannered Miles Morales into Spider-Man and help protect New York City.

SAS ID: 38286

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