Marvel For Adult Captain America Premium Costume


Marvel For Adult Captain America Premium Costume

Take the HelmIt is always nice to know that the Avengers will be around when the world is in trouble. Sure, it’s great to have a mighty green guy who can put the smash down. It’s awesome that we’ve got an otherworldly deity bringing the thunder. We love the assassin duo and the guy in the big metal flying suit. They do a fantastic job. But, without genuine leadership, it’s basically a giant ball of chaos ready to fall apart. We need someone mighty enough to take command!That’s why we feel blessed that we’ve got the Cap around. Not only can he offer up the right words to calm the Hulk and even occasionally get Iron Man to package up his ego, but he’s the only one that has truly proved worthy of commanding Thor’s might! And, if all of that skill wasn’t enough, he looks pretty stellar when he’s garbed up in his star-spangled heroic costume and literally takes the helm of the Avengers upon his brow. We can’t get enough of Captain America and that’s why we’re excited to help you assemble your own Avengers!Product DetailsThe first step of getting your Avengers team together is gearing up in this Premium Captain America costume. This high-quality jumpsuit is designed to look just like Captain America’s classic costume. It features a blue base with red and white stripes, a bright white star on the chest, and boot covers and gloves in brilliant red. The headpiece straps under your chin and gives you plenty of freedom to see and talk compared to other masks. Finish off the look with the shoulder harness and you’re ready to leap into the fight!Guard the CabooseWhether you want to lead the charge or hold back and protect the rear end, remember that Captain America represents the best of everything! (And, the jumpsuit can certainly accentuate some of those best features, too!) 

Marvel Adult Captain America Premium Costume will give you the traditional Captain America look. Become America’s booty with this spandex costume that will make you into a Marvel!

SAS ID: 38286

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