Marvel Captain America Pet Costume


Marvel Captain America Pet Costume

Bring Home Your HeroDid you name your pupper Avenger? Maybe Marvel? Honestly, it doesn’t matter which name you picked, because we know that your little furball friend is the hero in your life that makes every day worth it! The Marvel Universe has its own Best Boy hero, too! If you really think about it, Captain America is without question the pupper buddy of the Avengers.He’s always there making sure everyone is happy and he’s definitely going to run out and retrieve whatever is needed to keep everyone safe. (He’ll even give a good barking to the bad guys before turning to the bite!) Product DetailsIt’s time to give that Good Boy (or Girl) a costume that shows why your pupper is the only hero worth praising with this Captain America pet costume. Your pupper can step their front paws into the costume (maybe with a little human help) and elastic and hook and loop fasteners keep it secure around their waist. The headpiece is elastic as well and the whole attire makes it look like a miniature Captain America is rushing into the fray, shield in hand!America’s Best FriendYou might not be able to get your hand on America’s rear end, but when your dog is Captain America, it’s butt-scratches all day long. 

Get your dog ready to lead the Avengers with the Captain America Pet Costume. Dress your four legged friend ready for Halloween with this costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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