Marine Stockings


Marine Stockings

Ahoy, sailor! You found yourself a cute outfit, but you’re wondering how you can make it look better? You could get your own battleship, gather your own squad of Marines, and head to war; nothing gives off the sailor vibe quite like your own battalion of ships and your own private artillery. Or, you could add these extra adorable Marine Stockings, with no need for war! Not only will you avoid unnecessary conflicts, but you will get way more compliments from people if you don’t blow them up with a battleship. Thigh high, royal blue, with a red strip along the sides, these Marine Stockings are hard to miss, and are sure to make a statement. They mimic the typical pants worn by the Marines, but they are less restrictive, and way more fun!

Add this inexpensive and colorful pair of Marine Stockings to your sexy sailor costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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