Mania Women’s Top Disco


Mania Women’s Top Disco

Is Disco Really Dead?Everyone says it. “Disco is dead.” We’re not ready to buy that. Are you?Just imagine that thumping bass. Then, imagine those horns break in for a true boogie jam. The disco ball is spinning over the dance floor and everyone is ready to break out into The Hustle at any point. Disco isn’t dead. It just needs a little love and this Disco Mania Top is exactly the sort of outfit that can revive interest in the disco!Product DetailsThis Disco Mania Top is the electrifying beginning to any 70s themed outfit. It has a midriff style that ties in front, giving you a sassy look that’s primed for the dance floor. It has a whole plethora of iridescent sequins designed to help you shimmer and shine when you step foot under the dance floor. Finally, the trumpet-style bell sleeves add and oh-so-disco look to the shirt to help give you a groovy feeling when you head to the discotheque.Stayin’ AliveDon’t let people tell you that disco has gone the way of the dodo. Just rock this shirt with your grooviest pair of bell bottoms to prove to the world that disco is alive and well.

Hit the floor in this Disco Mania Women’s Top. This black sequined top features flared sleeves.

SAS ID: 38286

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