Little Pioneer Girl Toddler Costume


Little Pioneer Girl Toddler Costume

Big Sky Day DreamsCan you imagine what it would have been like to be a child on the prairies, traveling with a covered wagon convoy? A journey by wagon was shaky and uncomfortable so women and children walked along with the oxen, running wild with children from the other families, dogs nipping at their heels, keeping them together. We’re sure it was hard work, keeping everyone fed and safe. But it would have been such an adventure for the kids! It’s said that the grass of the prairies was long and endless, the wind would make it blow back and forth like waves in the ocean. You can still see the skies they saw when you’re out west, big, blue, and bright. It’s no wonder that this journey west still captures the imaginations of young and old alike! Make playing pioneer even more fun with this colorful ensemble that’s ready for a western adventure. Product DetailsIn bright blue gingham, your child will look right at home in wide open spaces. This costume is ready to go with a sweet pair of bloomers and a lovely ruffled bonnet. The checkered dress has a peter pan collar and a little bow. A pinafore style apron is attached and has a pretty flowered print. Perfect for spinning in a field of wildflowers, this is sure to be a favorite for playing pretend as well as photo shoots and Halloween. West is the BestThere’s no question that westward is the best way to travel until you get to the coast. The sky gets bigger, the mountains get more dramatic, and the adventures get more epic. And if you want to raise a little pioneer adventurer, you’ve got to start ’em young. Hitch up the wagon and get ready, this costume is sure to spur on all sorts of pioneer playtime!

Our Toddler Little Pioneer Girl Costume is perfect for an afternoon on the prairie. This powder blue dress comes complete with bonnet.

SAS ID: 38286

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