Little Bitty Girl’s Bumble Bee Costume


Little Bitty Girl’s Bumble Bee Costume

OUR MOST PRECIOUS CREATUREThey say that the bees are the key to our future. So long as we can keep them around, we’ll be fine… but if we dare lose them, we’ll be facing down the apocalypse in a snap! That’s a pretty terrifying concept, especially since so many folks are pretty wicked terrified of the little buggers. (Well, it’s really the stingers that they’re mostly freaked out by.) Some folks are still not entirely on board with the idea that we’ve gotta save those bees, though.That’s why we’ve come up with an initiative. Save the Bee, Save the World! You’ve heard the phrase before, we’re sure. All we need is a spokesperson to help show how cute the bee can be! We’re looking for someone with a bright personality, chock-full of buzzing energy, and maybe someone who can make you feel like you’re ready to soar. Sweet as all get-out and a fascination for flowers help, but they’re not absolutely required. DESIGN & DETAILSIf your kiddo is ready to help save the world from ourselves, we’re ready to help you with the transformation! This exclusive Little Bitty Bumble Bee costume was crafted in-house by our team of silk-spinners. (Turns out spiders are pretty crucial to the ecosystem, too!) Don’t worry, though. You won’t be dealing with any creepy crawlies when your kiddo wears this yellow and black jersey dress with its chiffon layered skirt. The black headband is wired to hold up the fuzzy yellow pom antennae and the wings have translucent chiffon to really help your little bee take flight. THE FUTURE QUEENWe understand if you’re not convinced that having this Little Bee around is going to suddenly change the world. But, remember, that your little one might someday become the Queen Bee! That’s all it takes for a whole new and sweeter dynasty to begin. We can’t wait! 

Could she bee any cuter? This exclusive Girl’s Little Bitty Bumble Bee Costume includes the headband, wings, and dress!

SAS ID: 38286

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