Lion Queen Armor Gown Costume


Lion Queen Armor Gown Costume

AND SHE SHALL BE A QUEEN!Just about every story out there that features a bit of magic, creatures of mystery, and beings of danger will also feature a story about a king. He’s usually just some old dude who got the throne because of some other old dude that he stabbed during a drinking contest. Then, it is all zap, shine, crown, and king! Day’s done until the next drunken celebration and we just repeat the cycle.Of course… the story can go quite a bit differently when you’ve got a clever mind pulling strings in this mighty game of rulers. In that case, you may end up with a queen, one who isn’t about to see her domain fall to the rule of someone undeserving. She, of course, would be a Lion Queen and everyone knows that in the world of Lions, it is the queen of the pride who truly commands!DESIGN & DETAILSNo research needed to be done for this exquisite look because our in-house team of magical designers was whisked personally to garb the queen in this expertly crafted and high-quality Lion Queen Armor Gown. This full-length gown of black luxury is long-sleeved and pleated with a tulle frame underneath to give an elegant shape. The shoulder armor pieces are a foam-backed matte metallic silver with chain trim and a leonine screenprint. Complete this look with your option of a crown, tiara, or scepter of power and watch as the many kingdoms bow to your might!GRACE AND MAJESTYThey say that a gal always has to work twice as hard for half the glory. True as that might be, when you’re in this Gown and Armor of the Lion Queen, you’ll find that you are suddenly in command of all that you can see in a look that is as effortless as it is luxurious.

You’ve taken back your throne and now it’s time to rule the kingdom your way, but don’t forget to do it in style! Get this exclusive Lion Queen Armor Gown Costume.

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