Lion King Animated Adult Simba Jumpsuit Costume


Lion King Animated Adult Simba Jumpsuit Costume

A Matter of PrideWhen Simba is just a cub, he feels like the world is simply waiting to meet the little prince. And to some extent, he’s right! Everyone from the gazelles to the flamingos come to see him. And if he wants to start a riot at the watering hole to distract Zazu then the kingdom’s residents will gladly take part. But the rules of the Pridelands eventually catch up to the little cub. And he soon learns that he can’t run the kingdom with only a roar and a dash of courage. He has to face up to his responsibilities. He has to keep the pride together and rely on the power of friendship. And if that’s not a lesson that can be learned with melody and catchy lyrics, we don’t know what is. Product DetailsThis Simba jumpsuit will make you want to sing, and maybe practice your pounce as well (don’t tell Zazu). The tawny yellow costume brings to mind the original cartoon. It has a tail that hangs from the back and a sculpted headpiece with Simba’s face printed on the surface. A tuft of charming mane makes this look even more striking! This costume fastens at center back with hook and loop strips to make this costume’s fit comfortable. Everything the light touchesWhen you dress up as this little lion prince, you’re sure to be singing all night. Because when it comes to The Lion King, everyone is a fan. So buckle up, you’re soon to see a different side of the people around you. Some might quote Simba, some might quote Timon. This Halloween, the world will be at your paw tips. Just be sure and stay away from that shadowy place over there, this time!

Complete the circle of life in the Lion King Animated Adult Simba Jumpsuit Costume.

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