Lil’ Llama Costume Infant


Lil’ Llama Costume Infant

Crazy CuteLlamas have always had a part in creating fabulous wool fashion, but who would have thought they would become fashion icons? Well, we knew it was coming, but we have a team that studies trends and lets us know about that kind of stuff. When we were told people were starting to mimic llama style, we knew we would need llama outfits that would work for everyone, including the littlest members of your family.While the llama craze may have been a surprise for some, dressing babies up as cute animals has been happening forever. No one questions if a baby will look good dressed like an animal. It’s an unspoken guarantee that babies will go from everyday cute to coo-worthy. That rings true even when they’re dressed for the llama craze.Product DetailsWith this Lil’ Llama Costume for infants, your little one will look extra festive this Halloween season. This plush jumpsuit is breaking cuteness records with its detachable tassel trim and soft faux fur. The included hood has a soft-sculpted muzzle and tall llama ears so no one will accuse your little one of following a different animal style trend. A pair of booties are designed to keep your little one steady in their own hooves with non-slip soles. If nature calls, a snap closure inseam will make diaper access easy. No matter if you’re heading to a costume party or out for some trick-or-treating, you’re sure to turn heads with your little one dressed as a lil’ llama.Fur-fessional FashionistaThese sassy and sophisticated animals are lots of fun to be around and honestly, we’re not sure we’ve ever met a better fashion influencer. Everyone from grandma and grandpa to you and your newborn have gotten in on the trend. It doesn’t seem like anyone or any animal could compete with a llama fashionista, so we’re happy to say we think their influence is going to stick around a while longer.

Your little one will be adorable in this Infant Lil’ Llama Costume. This cute llama costume comes with a headpiece with ears and a llama face.

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