Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat


Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat

SORCERY WITH STYLEWhether it is coming time for All Hallows Eve or an off-season gathering of the Grand Coven, every witch worth her wits wants to wear a look that is all her own.  Black is a safe bet, of course, because it goes with everything… and tradition…But this modern age is looking for the next generation who can take a stand and push the Coven to the next pinnacle of witchcraft wins!  That takes some panache!  A new style that will make you memorable!  And, that extra esteem might even inspire some brand new magic while you’re at it! PRODUCT DETAILSNothing says mysterious and magical like an exotic and rich color.  Nothing says wondrous witchcraft like a wide-brimmed and weird hat.  (Super)naturally, combining the two makes perfect sense!  Enjoy some serious splendor this All Hallows Eve with a Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat featuring a huge brim, a shimmering purple fabric, and a perfectly crooked high point! PURPLE IS THE NEW BLACKBlack is for the dark ages.  Time to upgrade that witch hat for the new generation.  With brim as great as your magic and a color as deep as your soul, this is the perfect accessory to top off any look!  Seriously.  We think it goes great with business suits and swimwear, too.

Complete your witch costume with this purple witch hat that features a large rim and ruched top.

SAS ID: 38286

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