Kiss Makeup Kit


Kiss Makeup Kit

The War Paint of RockRock and roll? It’s like a battlefield. Guitar riffs squeal through the air. Explosive bass lines rumble the very Earth beneath your feet and the thundering drum beats fill the skies like lightning. If you want to survive, then you’d better come prepared. You’d better be ready to rock and roll all night. You’d better be ready to party every day and you’d better be rocking some of this KISS Makeup, which is the warpaint of rockers across the world.Design & DetailsIf you want to conquer the battlefield of rock, then you need to gear up with this KISS Makeup Kit! It comes with white, black, silver, green, and red colors, so you can recreate each of the different band members’ style. Whether you want to take on the role of The Demon, Catman, Starchild, or The Spaceman. It also comes with an eye lining pencil, a brush, face powder, sponges, and instructions on how to craft a perfect look!Survive the Battlefield of RockUse this makeup and you may just survive the battlefield that is rock and roll. Just pair it up with any of our officially licensed KISS costumes to craft a look inspired by your favorite band!

Transform into a member of the KISS army with the Kiss Makeup Kit.

SAS ID: 38286

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