Kim Possible Animated Series Women’s Shego Costume


Kim Possible Animated Series Women’s Shego Costume

Let’s Be HonestKim Possible is cool as a high school heroine. Sure, she’s cool. She’s a cheerleader if you’re into that kind of thing. Also, she’s not really into enacting evil plots. If we’re being honest, Shego is the best part of the whole series. She’s got the sass, the smarts, and the swirly green smokey hands. And if that’s not cool, we don’t know what is. While she might technically be written as the sidekick to the “evil genius”, Shego knows better. When Hego claims his standard evil genius status, she asks if he’s ever been tested which, after seeing his plots fall flat, again and again, is a rather good question. Speaking of hard-hitting questions, Shego is always thinking about the important holes in a plot. For instance, you can’t fill a bottomless pit with water if it’s bottomless and if you suck up all the water in the Great Lakes, where are all the fish supposed to go? All important pieces that have been overlooked by her supposedly brilliant cohort. Details & DesignSmart and snazzy is the name of the game when it comes to this licensed Shego jumpsuit from Kim Possible! The green and black uniform has just the right stretch. One green and one black boot cover can be worn with your own heels while a little pouch straps around one calf. The high-neck has a gray faux gem at the neck. The look is polished off with one green and one black glove and a belt around the waist. Pairing perfectly with a long black wavey do, black lipstick, and a sassy attitude, this costume is sure to cause some devilish plot thinking. Shego KnowsWhile many villains can’t stand their arch enemies, Kim and Shego are more like friend-emies. That’s why pairing up with the other main characters of this hit cartoon is sure to be a blast this Halloween. Just make sure Ron Stoppable doesn’t bring his naked mole-rat to any Halloween parties. There’s a time and a place, Ron!

You’ll be foiling all of Kim Possibles plans when you wear this Kim Possible Animated Series Women’s Shego Costume. This costume features Shego form the animated Disney channel series.

SAS ID: 38286

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