Kill Bill Gogo Yubari Chain Mace Accessory


Kill Bill Gogo Yubari Chain Mace Accessory

“You call that begging? You can beg better than that.” – Gogo Yubari, Kill Bill: Vol. 1Gogo Yubari might look like a cute, innocent girl, but put a meteor hammer in her hands and she’s a highly trained killer. Perhaps she’s not as well versed in the art of the blade as The Bride, but she doesn’t need to be. The meteor hammer has longer range, can be used to disarm and Gogo’s unique weapon even has a saw-blade built right into it. It’s not the kind of weapon you want to go up against, even if you have one of Hattori Hanzo’s masterwork swords. If you want to dress like Gogo, then you’re going to need to get her signature weapon.This Gogo Yubari Mace recreates the Kill Bill villain’s signature meteor hammer from the movie. The toy weapon is made of plastic, so you may not be able to take into a real duel against Beatrix Kiddo, but it does look just like the one wielded by Chiaki Kuriyama. The good news is, this version is a lot safer than the real thing, so you can practice to you heart’s content without hurting yourself or damaging your property!

Complete your Kill Bill costume right with this licensed Gogo Yubari Chain Mace Accessory.

SAS ID: 38286

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