Kids Unicorn Jumpsuit Costume


Kids Unicorn Jumpsuit Costume

Mystic Lake Not IncludedSo, your child wants to create their very own fairytale? This should be fun! There are a few decisions to be made. What kind of fairytale is it? Is it a dark fairytale, Hansel and Gretel style? Or is it a cotton candy kind of fairy tale? Well, if you’re looking at this costume, they probably like the cotton candy type of fairy tale. That means that their story is going to take place in a beautiful place with blue skies, flowery meadows, and purple mountain tops. There will probably be a castle hidden away in a sun-dappled meadow, a princess with a quest to save the kingdom, and a musical number. Oh yeah, and this unicorn will definitely be hanging out near a crystal clear mystic lake where the pure of heart can make wishes. What’s a fairy tale without a mystic lake? Your child will feel ready to imagine that mystic lake into living color when they zip into this adorable, fairy tale ready unicorn costume!Design & DetailsThis Made by Us unicorn jumpsuit is adorable with a soft pink and white color scheme. The long pants and sleeves have cuffs for a fun and comfy fit. Zipping up the front, the jumpsuit has silver foam wings attached to the back. The hood is sculpted with a silver horn in the front, a pink mane in the back, and huge eyes with hearts in the middle. The pink tail in the back finishes it all off with the fairy tale panache that your kid craves!Happiest Ever AfterA happy ending doesn’t always end with a prince and birdies singing. Nope, the happiest endings end with the best trick-or-treating load, ever! When your kiddo dresses up in this costume, everyone will know that they’re fully into the magic of the holiday. You know what that means, there will be so much candy that your child won’t notice when you take the “parent tax”. 

Let your kids gallop through the clouds in their Kid’s Unicorn Jumpsuit Costume. With the unicorn head hood and pretty pink tail, they’ll be sure to blow minds.

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