Kids Ringmaster Costume


Kids Ringmaster Costume

The Smallest CircusLadies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! We direct you to the center stage for a show set to astonish!Sure, you’ve probably heard that plenty of times. They’re all the same kind of show, aren’t they? There’s gonna be a couple of weird acts and maybe an animal or two, but, “What is really that astonishing about this particular show?” you’re probably wondering. Totally fair question… but everything will be answered when you see who the Ringmaster is! That’s right! This is the Smallest Circus. Run by your tyke, all the ideas flowing from their little noggin, and the whole of it accentuated by an authentic look that will have you leaning forward from your seat. The best part is that this Ringmaster doesn’t give up even after the show is over! A look like this could really be useful outside of circus life. Imagine gearing up like this for a high-class affair or getting used to dealing with any kind of future high-pressure job (even those that don’t involve angry jungle felines). It’s time to start up the show with your kiddo in the limelight.Design & DetailsOur own little circus is happy to help thanks to the genius work of our in-house costume designers. They’ve chased their own dreams by creating this Ringmaster costume for kids. The fancy bright red jacket features gold braids and buttons. It is certain to look great with the included gold colored vest, dapper red bow tie, and classy top hat. They might want to practice a few tricks as they juggle or spin it in their hands. Be sure to get them a toy whip accessory to complete this dashing look, and they’ll be ready to put on a terrific show!Small but SpectacularWhen your kiddo is wearing this snazzy costume, they can have fun pretending to lead their very own three-ring circus or bring their favorite films to life! Just imagine how cute it’ll be watching them tame their stuffed lions! 

Bring the audience to their feet when you wow them wearing this Child Ringmaster Costume! You’ll have lions and tigers obeying your every command.

SAS ID: 38286

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