Kids Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger Costume


Kids Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger Costume

New Age RangersBack in our day, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fought Rita Repulsa and her monsters in Angel Grove. She seems like a kitten compared to the baddies that the Power Rangers Beast Morphers are up against these days! Take Evox, for instance! He’s a sentient computer virus who looks like a giant cobra. He created evil versions a couple of the original Power Rangers, he’s been plotting some evil schemes in the Cyber Dimension, and to top it all off, he’s got laser eyes. Yeah, you read that right. Laser eyes.It’s really a good thing that the Blue Ranger is on the job. Infused with the power of a gorilla, he can fight Evox and his evil schemes!Product DetailsIf your child is ready to take on the role of a Morphin superhero, then they’re ready for this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger Costume! The costume starts with a full-body jumpsuit that has printed blue and gray details on the exterior to recreate the look of the suit from the show. It fits with a fastener in back, making it easy for your child to change into. It also features muscle padding in the chest and shoulders to give your child a buff look to ward off would-be foes. The attached foam belt has a vinyl buckle, which even has a Power Rangers emblem on it. Finally, the mask helps complete the transformation into the blue-clad superhero! It’s made out of molded plastic and it fits with an elastic band around the back.It’s Morphin TimeIf you were a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, or then it’s easy to share in the fun with this brand new kind of Ranger costume! You could even pair up with your child to become Power Rangers across generations!

Keep the earth safe with the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Child Blue Ranger Classic Costume. Unleash your wild side and keep the citizens of earth safe.

SAS ID: 38286

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