Kids Matador Costume


Kids Matador Costume

Real bullfighting sounds…well…kinda violent. For both the person and the bull. And while we know it’s an age-old cultural custom, there also doesn’t seem to be a lot of job security. And benefits? We think not. But PRETEND bullfighting? We say, “Ole!” to that. So you don’t have to worry when your little one gets done up in this Kids Matador Costume; they can enjoy all the fanfare and glamour of being a torero without all the near-death experiences. For the win! At the very least, everyone will love watching Fido run through the halls, being taunted by this costume’s bright red satin cape (and yes, we know dogs are color blind…just go with us, here). In this iconic ensemble, your kiddo can teach classmates about Spanish culture, practice their dodging skills, or just enjoy wearing a fun and fancy outfit. And that’s no bull! This getup is FAN-CY. Poplin pants, a gray brocade bolero jacket, a signature hat, a classy necktie, and, of course, a cape…all that’s missing from this complete look is the toro himself (and a great pet costume could change that!). For the child who loves being the center of attention, for your tiny daredevil, for your one-and-only adrenaline junkie, this costume will allow them to get their thrills while still staying…intact…for life’s next big adventure!

You child will love wearing this Kids Matador Costume, but be sure you keep him away from any bulls! You don’t want him doing any impromptu bullfighting.

SAS ID: 38286

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