Kids Magician Hat


Kids Magician Hat

Anybody lose a rabbit?For our next trick, we’ll try to make all of your kid’s magician dreams come true! Your kid loves spreading shock, awe, and surprise with they’re sleight of hand tricks and stealth disappearing acts, and we don’t blame them – have you ever been inside a magic shop? That stuff is seriously cool! And while we’re always trying to figure out how they did that, sometimes, it’s just fun to sit back and enjoy the show. So while your little magic maker is figuring out their signature moves, give them the one thing they need to really look legit – this Kids Magician Hat! A black hat with red and black trim, it’s got silver buttons around the stack, giving it that perfect touch of magic! With this hat, there’s be no limit to the kinds of illusions your child will be able to pull off! After all, tricks are for kids!

For my next trick I shall provide an affordable accessory every magician needs: a Magician’s Hat! A change of wardrobe is just the thing you need to spruce up your magical routine. We also carry magical wands.

SAS ID: 38286

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