Kid’s Llama Costume


Kid’s Llama Costume

An Identity CrisisRecently, we noticed our resident llama, Socks, had developed an interesting habit of dressing as a number of different characters. We were pretty entertained by a few of his odd ensembles. There was the day he looked ready for the races in a large, flowered hat and ruby slippers. And one day he popped on a unicorn horn and a pair of sparkling wings which led to a very magical day. But one day he came in and his cream-colored coat was dyed to look like a giraffe. Our amusement turned to concern. Why would our no drama llama want to be a different animal? We asked, and it turned out our fun-loving Socks wasn’t feeling confident in his own coat.We didn’t know the best way to deal with a young llama’s self-esteem crisis, but since we’re told daily to be ourselves, we knew we needed to find a way to show Socks how special he is.Design & DetailsOur designers set to work on this 2-piece Llama Costume. The body of the jumpsuit is made with long-pile sherpa fabric to imitate a llama’s luxurious coat. The legs and sleeves transition into a soft stretch-material to give the wearer the look of strong llama legs. And of course, the separate hood seals the deal with its soft muzzle, tall ears, bright eyes, and decorative bridle. We felt confident that this exclusive Llama Costume would be just the thing to return Socks’ confidence!No More Drama LlamaWhen Socks came in after we finished the costume, he inspected every inch of it. He said nothing, but we caught him lingering around the jumpsuit and checking himself in the mirror all day. And then, the following day Socks marched in with a new swagger and no giraffe spots. It makes us happy to say he’s gone back to entertaining us with hat-fashion shows and we haven’t seen any sign of giraffe accessories. We think we did good!

Your kid will make a cute little farm animal in the Kid’s Llama Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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