Kids King of Hearts Costume


Kids King of Hearts Costume

Heavy is the HeadThe King of Hearts has a ton of responsibilities. He rules over all the playing card people of Wonderland. He’s in charge of pardoning people that the Queen of Hearts has unjustly convicted. He’s also in charge of keeping those wily characters like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare under control! We also hear he plays a pretty mean game of croquet, using a flamingo as a mallet (Wonderland traditions are weird). It’s definitely a tough job and requires someone who has a head that’s strong enough to wear that crown!Think your child has what it takes to rule Wonderland? Does he have some sweet secret croquet skills? Well, now’s your child’s chance to rule Wonderland with this King of Hearts Costume!Design & DetailsCrafted by our costume designers, this exclusive King of Hearts Costume is a kid-sized outfit that packs plenty of regal details. The robe is bright red with a card suit inspired pattern in front that features hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades. The tunic is attached to the robe and has heart and diamond patterns on the front, along with gold piping along the bottom. The crown really makes your child look like a regent! The bright red color matches the robe and it even comes with black hearts around the sides. It’s a look that will make all of the card soldiers stand in line, waiting for their orders!Just King of WonderlandIf your child is ready to wield the authority of a king, then they will feel right at home wearing this King of Hearts Costume for kids. Just remember that his authority only extends to the realm of Wonderland, so you can still be boss in your home when your child walks around claiming to be king!

Be the ruler of Wonderland with the Kids King of Hearts Costume. Feel free to be yourself, the Queen isn’t around.

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