Kids Gothic Cheerleader Costume


Kids Gothic Cheerleader Costume

Go team. Go team.Yeah, your daughter may not be the cheerleader type. Let’s be honest she is more likely to figure out ways to dye her hair black than to want to preform high toe kicks. It’s all you can do to keep her from getting a tattoo at seven.You want to be able to braid her hair with ribbons. You want to teach her about T-E-A-M spirit! And see her in the cute cheerleader uniform. The pleated skirts, and school spirit. You want to show her what fun it can be to have pom poms. You really want to see her get into it, and make some pretty awesome friends that she will have forever.But she is pretty awesome how she is. And she likes hanging out with you, even though you are in to cheerleading. So, give her this Kids Gothic Cheerleader Costume, and let her enjoy being a little on the dark side as you teach her cheers like “Give me a G, give me an O, give me a T, give me an H. What’s that spell? Goth! Goth! Gooooo Goths!” She’ll be happy with the color, and being able to say this cheer you came up with in a monotone voice. (Almost as good as “Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.”)

Our Kids Gothic Cheerleader Costume is a scary and sassy costume for Halloween. Get this cheerless leader costume for a fun and dark Halloween costume.

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