Kids Donut Costume


Kids Donut Costume

Tasty TravelsThe land of desserts is a pretty great place. It’s full of wonderful smells, bright colors, and strange views. There’s a mall full of cupcakes shopping for the newest trends in frosting and toppings. A stately school holds French classes full of pastel-colored Macaron cookies and chocolate filled croissants. Just outside town, there’s a beach with toasting marshmallows sunbathing on graham cracker towels beside a lake of gooey caramel.Yep, life is pretty good in the land of desserts. Our favorite sight to see, though? If you get up early enough you can watch the sunrise over Parfait Mountain and watch as the fresh morning donuts jump and roll in fields of wild spun sugar. Last time we were there, they seemed to race each other to a steaming waterfall of coffee and rolled right over to dunk themselves in the hot springs below. That’s how we knew they were the rare Dunking Donut species. It was a morning we’ll never forget!Details & DesignWith a simple, comfortable design, this Made by Us donut costume is ready to be worn again and again. With a sandwich board design, your kiddo might even be able to wear this costume after a growth spurt. Kids can wear whatever they’re most comfortable in underneath. And with satin-textured pink frosting and colorful sprinkles, your kiddo will stand out sweetly whether they’re trick-or-treating or marching in a parade!Let Them Be CakeIf your kid has a sweet tooth, this costume is sure to be a hit. They’ll be able to easily move, which is convenient when they’re brimming with all that Halloween candy energy. Heading out as a family unit? Spread the sweetness with adult donut and cupcake costumes. Having a family like you folks around is sure to be a real treat!

Craving something sweet? If so, this exclusive Child Donut Costume is perfect for you!

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