Kids Classic Plague Doctor Costume


Kids Classic Plague Doctor Costume

Flu Season StandardsWe all know school is a breeding ground for germs. You never know what kids are going to come home with. Sure, they might bring home a beautiful project from art class, or they might bring home the newest plague, fresh from the school cafeteria assembly line. Now, there are a few things people do to avoid getting the next bug. Providing nose-moisturizing tissues, singing the washing hands song after each bathroom break, and doling out dollops of hand sanitizer. But the next plague will still, inevitably, arrive at your door sooner or later. Maybe it’s about time you up the ante. Bring back a trend from when sickness really meant something. This sickness season, dress your kid in this plague doctor costume and the next cold will be shivering in its boots. Design & DetailsThis plague costume will make your kids look like they’re emerging from the history books. Our creative team has a beautiful cut. Details like the tiered capelet and gold-tone buttons that fall down the front really make this costume one for the book. A belt cinches in the waist. A white faux leather beaked mask is paired with a flat-top hat and it really makes this look pop even in a crowded Halloween party. Since this costume is Made by Us, you can be sure that your child will love rocking this dignified, spooky look! Best Sick Day EverNow, we wouldn’t want to have to go to a plague doctor for our next sickness, but having this doctor around is sure to pump a little more life into any Halloween event. The perfect balance of historical and spooky, it’ll be a hit for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. Just be careful not to show any fluish symptoms around this doc, you might get some medieval cures. 

This Classic Plague Doctor Costume is the perfect costume for your party this year!

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