Kids Cheerful Cheetah Costume


Kids Cheerful Cheetah Costume

High SpeedHigh speed? Yup, yessir, cheetahs are all about it. They have no reservations about gearing up to an incredible top speed of 75 mph, whenever they’re on the hunt! That top speed comes in short bursts, of course, but you’ve probably already been schooled on that knowledge from your kiddos. And that’s because they’ve got big plans this Halloween. They’d like to ramp things up to top speed themselves by donning the spots of a cheetah. And you can help ’em out, too, all we gotta do is suit them up in costume. With this Child Cheerful Cheetah Costume!Design & DetailsWhen he or she is ready to speed around the neighborhood in search of sweet Halloween candy, we’re sure this Kid’s Cheerful Cheetah Costume will provide the confidence to do just that! This stunningly awesome costume is a HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive, crafted right in our own costume design studios. That means it’s Made by Us, and that it has a quality that’s not matched anywhere else in the costume biz!We designed this costume as a full jumpsuit with attached mitts and shoe covers. The jumpsuit zips up the front and features patterned spots over a gradient/ombre orange to tan color scheme. The detailed hood has facial features like eyes, ears, and a muzzle that sit above the face opening. The hood secures beneath the chin with a simple hook and loop fastener tab.We heartily endorseYou might have guessed this since this Kid’s Cheetah Costume is our own creation, but yes, we heartily endorse your kiddos dressing up as Cheetahs for Halloween this year. Obviously, they’re going to be quite cool cats, and maybe they’ll even find that so-called extra gear to achieve some truly high speed. And, with a fun and imaginative costume choice like this one, it might even inspire an educational opportunity—a desire to learn more about the animal kingdom!

Let your wild child loose in our Kids Cheerful Cheetah Costume. This cute costume will liven up any party.

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