Kids Ace of Diamonds Costume


Kids Ace of Diamonds Costume

The Top DeckLet’s face it. In just about every card game, you’re just itching to see that ace on the top. After all, It’s the card that wins you the game! The question is, which one is the top card of the aces? Many card aficionados might try to tell you that the Ace of Spades is the best card of the deck, but we don’t buy it. We think that title goes to the Ace of Diamonds! Why? Well, that’s quite simple. In real-world values, diamonds are much more valuable than a gardening tool (spade) or a clover (clubs). That’s why we think the honor has to go to the diamond!If your child wants to be the ace in the hole of any card game, then this Kids Ace of Diamonds Costume is definitely the way to go.Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to make a real card of a costume and this simple outfit is what they cooked up! This Ace of Diamonds Costume gives your child the chance to become the most valuable card in the deck! It comes with a tunic-style top that’s shaped like a playing card. The front features a large red diamond symbol in the front. It also features large a large “A” in the top and bottom corner. The red headpiece features a generous opening for your child’s head and is shaped like a large diamond. It works great with our other playing card costumes!From Game Night to WonderlandThe best part about this costume is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to create a playing card theme for your game night group costume or you want to get your child involved in your Alice in Wonderland themed group, this costume is an easy choice for your child.

Shine bright like a diamond in our Kids Ace of Diamonds Costume. Always make sure to keep an ace up your sleeve!

SAS ID: 38286

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