Kelly Kapowski Saved by the Bell Costume


Kelly Kapowski Saved by the Bell Costume

Fun to the Max!High school life can be rough for a lot of us. But, if you happened to be fortunate enough to attend Bayside High, things might have gone quite a bit better for you! With a principal that always has your back (even if that laugh could get atrocious) and a group of friends who will do everything from join the cheer squad and help you hit gold with your garage band, how can anything get better? Okay, so maybe the world-famous garage band was all just a dream and maybe becoming a cheerleader would have been awesome anyway. Alright, maybe you have to work at the favorite after-school stop and that can get a little embarrassing at times. But, you’re still Kelly Kapowski, the most popular gal in school… and for good reason! Smart, sincere, involved in all of the best activities. And, come to think of it, the only one willing to actually get a job! Design & DetailsThere are a lot of reasons to want to dress up as your favorite characters from Saved by the Bell, but nobody deserves more attention than the best of them all: Kelly Kapowski. We’re happy to bring your ’90s days back to life in style with this officially licensed costume. It features the jersey crop top and elastic shorts that Kelly wears for her waitress shift at The Max. The square apron has silver accents and completes the look. Add the bonus of a Kelly Kapowski wig and Bayside is yours!All American EverythingWhen you’re the most popular gal in Bayside, the whole world can come together. Kelly deserves it for being in such good cheer even while at work! Team up with others in a group costume so you can make Zack and A.C. Slater fight for your attention… or just become Queen of the Max Prom by yourself! 

Kick it back to the 90’s with the Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Costume. Relive your time as head cheerleader or team captain with these black biker shorts, black mini skirt and red Morris crop top.

SAS ID: 38286

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