Kangaroo Adult Costume


Kangaroo Adult Costume

Do you ever wonder why Australia got all of the cool marsupials? It’s really unfair, it’s one island in the middle of the ocean. They got the cool accents, gorgeous beaches, and a giant rock standing in the middle of nowhere that people drive to in hot sun just for fun, and they get the marsupials too! Wait, not all the marsupials, opossums are pretty much everywhere but they’re basically rats with pouches, no fun at all! We think most mammals could have used a marsupial pouch, including us humans. Imagine how handy that would be! Forget trying to stuff everything in your one carry on when you’re boarding that plane. Just put your extra layer in your skin pouch. If it could carry a human child, it could definitely carry a long sleeved T-shirt. Never again would you be caught sneaking snacks into the theater. That’s right, your Raisinets are tucked away in your belly bag! Sure, there might be some issues, like how could you get easy access to it? One thing is for sure, there would be a lot more zippers on shirts and crop tops would be more useful than ever. So, there’s no way that human belly bags are going to become a thing. If you want to know what it would be like to hop through life with a marsupial pouch then you’ll love dressing up as a kangaroo. Not only would you have extra storage on your abs but you’ve got some mighty powerful hips as well. Dress up for your next barbie or for Halloween and you’re sure to get the party jumpin’. Slip on the adorable kangaroo hood and you’re sure to have a G’day!

Hop in to your next Halloween party with the best costume around when you get this exclusive Kangaroo Adult Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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