IT Pennywise Costume For Pets


IT Pennywise Costume For Pets

Behind Door Number OneWe can’t help but wish that the door in IT Chapter 2 had a simple pup, no tricks behind the door labeled Not Scary At All in the Well House. Unfortunately, the pup featured in the movie was hiding a seriously creepy side. That’s just the way that Pennywise rolls. An old lady who’s happy for a little company isn’t so innocent once you’re looking at her out of the corner of her eye. A campy statue in the city square is ready to unleash smiling rage at a visitor looking for a break from the horror. Now that we know that Pennywise could be hiding behind any facade, we’ve decided to make our day-to-day less scary by dressing the cutest among us up as Pennywise. Because if we get the jump on this unsettling entity, there’s no way our sweet pup is going to transform into pure nightmare fuel. Costume DetailsYour pup can transform into one of the most iconic horror villains of all time when you dress him or her in this hilarious costume. The silver look has all sorts of details from the red pom-poms down the front and a gauze ruff at the neck. Stuffed arms stick out from the side, one hand is holding a red balloon-shaped plush ball. The costume is topped with a red wig with a pale trim for Pennywise’s classic receded hairline look. Old Dog, New TricksIt’s wild that Pennywise can still surprise us after all these years. Haven’t we seen all of his tricks, already? Turns out, this ageless dog can always roll out some new tricks. At least now you’ve got a little control over this evil villain, who knew that seeing Pennywise sit, shake, and rollover would rid us of our clown-inspired fear once and for all! 

This is an IT Pennywise Pet Costume. This costume includes clown outfit, wig, and red “balloon”.

SAS ID: 38286

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