IT Adult Pennywise Costume


IT Adult Pennywise Costume

A Blast From the PastDo you remember things that scared you when you were a kid? There are a few classics. There’s the monster in the closet, watching you while you sleep. The severed hand waiting to grab an ankle that comes too close to the edge of the bed or a hand that dares to dangle off the mattress. All that nightmare fuel that seemed so real before you grew up seems silly when you look back. But what if you discovered that all your fears were valid when you were a child? What if you found out that those fears not only existed when you were huddling under your Donald Duck sheets but they’re back and they want to destroy you? That childhood fear reborn as full-grown horror is what makes ol’ Pennywise so gosh darn unnerving. And now he doesn’t even need to stay in Derry! Bring him to your very own neighborhood to get in touch with that childhood fear. Because you know what they say about keeping your enemies close!Product DetailsThis Pennywise costume is straight out of the latest chapter of IT. A licensed costume from 2019’s Chapter Two, this shows the clownish entity his trademark a gray crinkle clown suit. You’ll feel like you’re stepping right out of the movie with the layered ruff at the neck, ballooning pants, and ruffled pants legs and sleeve cuffs. The puffed sleeves and red trim will make your costume pop at any spooky event. This cosplay-worthy costume is sure to bring this classic nightmare clown to life!King of CreepsIs there any story that’s quite as creepy as Stephen King’s IT? We’d be hard pressed to think of one. Whether you’re walking the streets of small-town Maine or planning on stirring up some screams on Halloween this year, you’re sure to love rocking this Pennywise costume. It’s almost as timeless as the ageless entity that waits in Derry’s sewers!

Transform yourself in to the iconic clown that haunted all of our dreams as a children when you wear this IT Adult Pennywise Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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